URC Data (Samba) Service

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 2:05 pm

Access to the URC Data Service (UDS) is available for those users who need to access their data from a remote client (on campus or via the campus VPN).  The UDS consists of server(s) which allow SMB-capable clients (i.e. MS Windows, macOS, and Linux) to mount remote shares as local drives (or mount points). Below are instructions for mounting a UDS share from various client machine types. Note that the UDS authenticates using Campus (NinerNET) passwords.

Share names that can be mounted are as follows:

“users” –  will connect the user to his/her home directory

“projects” – will connect the user to the shared projects area

“scratch” – Please note that with transition to Lustre, scratch is not longer accessible via Samba.  Please use WinSCP and connect to hpc.uncc.edu.

The examples below assume the following for UDS user “joeuser” and the user’s home directory, which will be accessed using the share name “users”:

UDS Server: smb.urc.uncc.edu
UDS login: joeuser (its.uncc.edu/joeuser)*
UDS share name: users

Client-Specific Examples:

[ MS-Windows XP ]
1. Select ‘My Computer’
2. Select ‘Tools – > Map Network Drive’
3. Fill in path to folder (share) i.e. \\smb.urc.uncc.edu\users
4. Select ‘Connect using a different user name’
5. If prompted for credentials:

  1. Fill in username* (see footnotes below)
  2. Fill in NinerNET password.

[ macOS]
1. In ‘Finder’ application select Go -> Connect to Sever
2. Fill in Server address (and share) indicating smb protocol i.e.
3. Press ‘Connect’
4. Fill in username i.e. joeuser (domain not required)
5. Fill in NinerNET password

[ Red Hat Linux – File Browser ]
1. In ‘File Browser‘ application select File -> Connect to Server
2. Fill in the following:
Service Type: Windows share
Server: smb.urc.uncc.edu
Share: users
**User Name: unccharlotte-nt\joeuser
User Name: its.uncc.edu\joeuser
Name to use for connection: urc_home
3. Press ‘Connect’ button
4. Fill in NinerNET password.

* Objects on the network including servers and even users are distinguished using “domain” naming conventions. For instance, the Samba server referenced above belongs to URC and is therefore part of the ‘URC’ domain. Hence the full name of that object is: smb.urc.uncc.edu.  However, since the Samba server uses the campus NinetNET system to authenticate user logins, the full user name (where required as in the case of a MSWindows client) uses the ‘ITS’ domain not the ‘URC’ domain. Hence, a fully qualified user name is specified as: its.uncc.edu\joeuser.  

** Depending on the client, it may be necessary to use the older Netgroup syntax:  unccharlotte-nt\joeuser