Partnership Program

The URC Partnership Program is designed to encourage faculty to participate in the cooperative development of a shared HPC computational resource instead of creating, maintaining, and administering smaller systems dedicated to their own research. Faculty participating in the program purchase additional components (processing or storage) that are integrated into one of the URC’s existing HPC facilities. URC provides the necessary infrastructure and support and guarantees the “owner” exclusive access to the resources when needed in exchange for the right to make the resources available to other researchers whenever those resources would otherwise be idle. This cooperative arrangement frees up faculty researchers from the burdens of managing their own isolated systems while creating a shared resource that benefits the campus community.


URC provides:

  • space in a URC  computing rack in a campus server server room including all necessary power, cooling, and networking.
  • installation and maintenance of the hardware, operating system and associated systems software
  • configuration and administration of security, user accounts, storage quotas, job scheduling, and access rights
  • access to common applications including language compilers, editors, scripting languages, and utilities.
  • short term storage for input data and results of research calculations (within reason – additional storage may also be purchased by faculty as part of this program)
  • periodic data backups for the purpose of disaster recovery
  • active monitoring and troubleshooting sufficient to maximize system uptime


Researcher provides:

  • server hardware or networked storage modules compatible with URC specifications
  • all required software and licenses not already present on the URC system



  • URC may agree to provide and support additional applications if the requested software is of sufficient value to the overall user community (for example, additional language compilers or commercial libraries)
  • URC may agree to provide license service for user supplied applications if the licensing mechanism is compatible with URC standards


URC agrees to:

  • grant the researcher dedicated access to the purchased hardware (or its equivalent) either automatically through the job scheduling system or, on request, via manual intervention
  • grant the researcher access to the remainder on the HPC system on a first come, first served basis


Researcher agrees to:

  • allow URC to grant other campus researchers access to their resources whenever dedicated access is not required
  • allow a reasonable grace period to transition resources from shared to dedicated use
  • accept dedicated access to equivalent resources as a substitute for access to the specific resources purchased
  • install and manage their own discipline specific applications, and/or accept reasonable limitations on the number and complexity of applications that must be supported by URC staff
  • work primarily through the normal access mechanisms for the facility including using the shared job scheduling system and the designated interactive hosts (exceptions can be made based on software limitations)
  • accept that access to the resource will be strictly at a user level (no root or administrative access can be allowed)
  • accept that user account names, acceptible use policies, security requirements, etc. must conform to UNC Charlotte, ITS and URC standards.


For more details or to participate in the Partnership Program, contact us.