HPC Cluster Outage: March 4-7, 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

HPC Cluster Users:

A cluster outage has been scheduled for the week of Spring Break. It will begin at 8am on Monday March 4th and end at 5pm on Thursday, March 7th to complete a number of maintenance tasks and upgrades. During this outage, all URC clusters, (Copperhead, Sidewinder, Taipan, Steelhead, Hammerhead, and Titan), will be unavailable.

To plan for this outage, please:

  1. Don’t submit jobs with a wall time request that extends beyond the start of this outageIf you do, the job won’t get scheduled. Why? Because the batch scheduler will be configured not to run any jobs that would overlap the outage dates. Lowering your wall time request to better reflect the actual run time that your job requires will reduce the impact of this restriction.
  1. Plan to resubmit any jobs that have already been submitted that won’t finish prior to the outage. Why? Because the outage includes a major upgrade of the Job Scheduling software, which means it will not be possible to preserve any jobs remaining in the queue. Those jobs must be resubmitted after March 7th.

It is possible that some of the cluster services may be available before March 7th.  We will send updates to all URC users as services start to come back on line.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact URC Support at: urc-support@uncc.edu.